“It’s bootiful, really bootiful”

There’s nothing more bootiful than turkey – tasty, versatile and great value for money, its at the heart of all our delicious products.

It was back in 1980 that our Chairman, Bernard Matthews, first coined the phrase 'bootiful' as part of an iconic TV advertising campaign for Turkey Breast Roast. So when, in 2010, we wanted a way to remind you good people of the UK, just how great turkey is and bring a smile to peoples faces, it was a simple choice to bring back this famous slogan.

This website pays tribute to the word 'Bootiful' and all that it conveys about the Bernard Matthews Farms brand, our turkey and our farming roots here in Norfolk.

We really hope you enjoy exploring how bootiful is as relevant today as it ever was. Enjoy some 'Bootiful' memories as you watch a few of the early TV commercials which made Bootiful one of the most recognisable advertising slogans and made Bernard Matthews Farms, the great British brand it is today!

Bernard Matthews Farms

Bernard Matthews