Bernard Matthews turkey

“Bootiful was born”

The 1980's brought Bernard Matthews turkey into households all over the UK. This decade saw more Bernard Matthews advertising than any other decade and was the first time that turkey had ever been advertised in Britain.

The man behind the brand stood proudly in front of the hall in his famous tweed suit, cameras rolling and ready to make his first ever TV commercial.

Featuring his newly launched Turkey Breast Roast, so the story goes, the Director asked Bernard Matthews how he would describe his turkey, script
aside, and what did he say...'Bootiful of course'. And so the iconic
catchphrase was born.

It was a decade of iconic advertising, so take a trip down
memory lane and watch the bootiful adverts here.
Can you remember your favourite?

turkey breast roast, bootiful 1980: Turkey Breast Roast, Bootiful

crispy crumb steaks, the worker
1982: Crispy Crumb Steak, The Workers
1989: Golden Drummers, the first Cub ad
1985: Golden Drummers cub ad