“I remember bootiful”

Do you remember those famous Bootiful adverts from the 1980's? Here we talk to
the original stars of the small screen.

Find out what the cub scouts and workers from the first ads remember about those heart warming campaigns, their memories of the day and how they enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame.

The bootiful adverts are true classics and stick in people's minds.
We're sure you'll be shouting: 'I remember that one!'

Bootiful adverts

“Dib, Dib Dib”

Steve Burge - 1985 Cub commercial

I remember the experience really well. We didn't find out that we were going to be in the advert until the day before the shoot. Our scout leader told us and I remember I was so excited at the prospect of being on TV that when my mum picked me up that night, I shouted 'I'm going to be on telly!' We were thrilled to meet Bernard, we were all big fans of the turkey drummers anyway so we knew exactly who he was - especially as he was wearing his famous tweed suit! On the day of filming, it was my first time away from home, but Bernard and the camera crew made us feel really relaxed and we had a lot of fun filming.

Looking back, I'm proud to be able to say I was part of such an iconic advertising campaign and something that really put Norfolk on the map. In fact it must have made a lasting impression on me as I've been proudly working at Bernard Matthews for over 13 years!

turkey breast roast, bootiful
1985: Golden Drummers cub ad

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